as exhibited at Walnut Contemporary, as part of "Patterns: Contemporary Approaches to Textiles" 
 left to right:  a heavy potential ;  a tightness in my ribs ;  a stuck void ;  seeping spills
 left to right:  dense fog looms ;  pacing ;  an initial silence ;  this thick pit
 left to right:  infinity on its side, or a simple double knot ;  exhaust, fumes ;  converging silence ;  circular answers for square problems
 left to right:  a lack of structural integrity ;  sinking/feeling ;  one continuous lock ;  slight search
 detail,  a lack of structural integrity . 
 detail,  converging silence
 detail,  dense fog looms. 
 detail,  circular answers for square problems.
 detail,  sinking/feeling.
 detail,  slight search. 
 detail,  a tightness in my ribs.
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